Poolbank Lane

Our Compact Greenhouse is 4' 5" long finished in Plain Aluminium and Horticultural Glass, this is Elites smallest free-standing greenhouse

Easy Grow 10' long in Stone with Toughened glass. Fitted onto a modified timber base to account for plinth below the container it is fitted against.

Our Window Garden in Berry is fitted with toughened glass and the optional additional shelf. Our Easy Grow Lean to is 10' Long and finished in Stone Powder Coating with Toughened Glass

Our Delta is 4' Long in Graphite finish with Toughened Glass, Bar Cappings, Crestings & Finials and a Rainwater Kit to one gutter. The extra height of the Delta makes it a very popular choice

Our Free Standing Craftsman is 6' long in Black with Horticultural Glass this traditional greenhouse is available in any colour and any length making it very popular for gardens and allotments

Titan 600 in plain aluminium and with Graphite Bar Cappings. All the usual Titan features are on show and in addition we have our Ellowire System fitted and Eden Roller Blinds.

This Belmont was built in the 1970s! It has an interesting history and shows how well Elite Greenhouses last. We have put a brief description on the model itself and very little of the building has changed from then to it's modern version (displayed adjacently) it really goes to show how a greenhouse purchase is arguably more important than a car as a good greenhouse will certainly last a lifetime!

This was our first ever display model from over 10 years ago, an 8' long High Eave in plain aluminium and toughened glass, displayed as a package deal with discounted staging, shelving, automatic ventillation and rainwater kit; it's still probably our best seller. The high eaves and high ridge help maximise space of this; the most popular greenhouse footprint size of 6 x 8'.

The Zenith by Elite Greenhouses. This is without a doubt one of the most stunning greenhouses you can buy, it is quite simply enormous. You will struggle to find another dealer with one of these on show. Imagine it as a marvellous feature in your garden, perhaps even on a dwarf wall or as a fabulous R-Type extension to the gable end of your property

This is a white 10' long K800 lean to with bar capping fitted. This is an extremely versatile building that we have known to be used for many other purposes than growing plants! We quite often use ours to enjoy our Lunch in! The only one on show in the UK and one of only two on show in the world, we've had customers come as far as London via train and a short walk from Brough Station to see this building.

Elite's Supreme is an excellent value large greenhouse, as with any Elite Greenhouse it is available in unlimited lengths. Ours is 8' Deep, an unusual set up but popular with crysanthemum growers, shown here in plain aluminium finish with 7 slat staging and toughened glass, we also have it fitted with Irrigatia Solar Powered irrigation to save time and water. We also have a huge variety of modular staging on show in our Supreme.

Our Windso is shown with Toughened Glass and fitted to a separate base plinth, the low ridge means this lean to can be fitted to most large sheds or garages to save on space and take advantage of the thermal retention of the wall space. Lean-to buildings can be a superb way of maximising an area by utilising an existing wall to build the greenhouse against.

Elite's tallest 4' wide greenhouse gives extra space for tall plants and extra tiers of shelving where floor space may be limited. Ours is finished in Graphite with Bar Cappings and Toughened Glass. We've also fitted 2 Slat Staging to this greenhouse.

Elite Streamline 5' Wide finished in White with Bar Cappings, Toughened Glass and 3 Slat Staging. The 3 Tier Seed Tray in White is an excellent addition to this greenhouse and our Polar White decorative aggregate finishes off the project beautifully

The Elite Strata is Elites double door 6' Wide Greenhouse with high eaves, ours is Olive Green with Toughened Glass, 5 and 2 Slat Staging, Automatic Side Louvre & Roof Vent, Rainwater Kit. Also Fitted with Bar Cappings and Crestings and Finials

Elite's ever popular 7'5 Vantage model bridges the gap between the 6' and 8' wide models. With Double Doors, ours is finished in Green with Bar Cappings, Toughened Glass, 2 Slat Staging, a wooden potting bench, chain fly screen, autovent and a rocking chair!

The Elite Belmont is without a doubt the best selling 8' wide greenhouse we sell. Ours is in plain aluminium with toughened glass, 8' long and we've fitted the double door option. Displayed on our showsite back to back with its 1970s counterpart it's interesting to see how well Elite Greenhouses age

Elite Titan 1000, 12' long in plain aluminium with black bar cappings and the optional built in base to allow for a soil installation. An Ellovent Special Autovent, Irrigatia Solar Powered Watering System, ElloWire Plant Support System and 7 slat staging are also fitted.

Our fantastic Swallow Kingfisher has the optional combi shed and is finished in the beautiful Vert de Terre paintwork, it's easy to see why this combination is one of Swallows most popular options Swallow Prices include delivery and installation in England, Wales and most of Scotland

Our Raven is 8'9 x 12'7 and is shown in the beautiful oiled red wood pine finish. These Yorkshire Made greenhouses are a fabulous asset to any garden Swallow Greenhouses include delivery and installation in England, Wales and most of Scotland

Our showsite is possibly the only one to display the innovative R-Type design, an option for most of Elite Greenhouses buildings fitting directly against a wall can save on cost and space while increasing thermal retention.

The Elite Classique can be specified to be one of the largest greenhouses in the Elite range, with every option available from Horticultural Glass, Toughened Safety Glass or 6mm Twinwall Polycarbonate and every colour option and Elite feature available this greenhouse can be anything from a purist horticultural dream to a marvellous feature building in your garden, ours in Welton is painted in the Mocha finish and has a partition for an even greater degree of control over varying climates in the growing space.

We are now the proud owners of an incredible Swallow Swan, our Swan has been hand built in Rotherham, South Yorkshire is now installed on our show site in the East Riding, it is 22' Long, 8' Wide, with a 4' Porch and painted in the fabulous Lulworth Blue finish, we are the only garden building centre in the world to showcase the Swan so we're exceptionally excited to have this on show in Welton alongside our other excellent greenhouses, summerhouses and sheds.

Our Navy Blue Elite Edge is 8' 5" x 12' 6" and built on a paver base. The Edge is an extraordinary, contemporary styled greenhouse offering massive potential to grow plants and use as a living space, built in Kearsley, Bolton by Elite Greenhouses the Edge is built to the Titan Specification with the unparalelled strength of Elites CoreVect Glazing Bars. The back of the Edge is an exceptional 1.89m high allowing the entire building to be comfortably used as a growing and living space alike.

Our Swallow Lark Show Building is displayed in the 4x4' Size in the striking Railings painted finish, the Lark is available in lengths up to 10'5 and can be painted in any of Swallows stunning colour choices or in oiled or bare Thermowood finishes, prices include installation to a hard standing, these compact greenhouses can enhance any garden.

Our Vitavia Venus is shown in plain alumiunium with horticultural glass in the 6x6 size, installed on the Vitavia base ontop of a concrete base the Venus represents exceptional value for money and is available in any length from 4' to 12' with either horticultural or toughened safety glass and in anodised silver aluminium or green painted finishes

Our Vitavia Orion Greenhouse is displayed in the 6x8 model with the green painted finish and glazed in toughened safety glass, ours is built on the Vitavia green base, other options available include the 6x6 size and anodised aluminium finish, the Orion can also be glazed in horticultural glass except for the eave panels which are an attractive curved acrylic

Our Vitavia Neptune is on show with the Vitavia base, installed onto concrete, ours is 8x10 and finished in the anodised aluminium with toughened safety glass, the Neptune is also available in lengths from 8' to 14' and can be glazed with horticultural glass or toughened safety glass, the Neptune is also available in Green

Our Swallow Robin Show Building is displayed in the 5x6' Size in the fabulous Purbeck Stone finish, the Robin is available with many options in lengths up to 12'7 and can be painted in any of Swallows stunning colour choices or in oiled or bare Thermowood finishes, prices include installation to a hard standing.

Our Junior Hobby is 7'9 Wide and 10'2 Long, supplied as standard with Toughened Safety Glass and ultra strong box section aluminium frame work this greenhouse and its powder coated, crestings adorned "Victorian" version can each be supplied as an "Action Model" with an expedited lead time, there are also taller versions and many different widths and lengths available in this range

The Junior T is 10' x 13' and is supplied as standard with Toughened Safety Glass and ultra strong box section aluminium frame with attractive powder coating and crestings and finials, the Junior T is an "Action Model" with an expedited lead time, this garden building offers a beauitful space to grow plants and enjoy your garden in any weather. The 1.61m eaves' height offers a great deal of space inside for relaxing, socialising and of course growing!

The Hera by Virtavia Greenhouses is available in two sizes offering an unusual garden building to enjoy as a growing and living space, our show model is the smaller Hera 4500 but with its high pitched roof and extra high eaves at an impressive 1.82m the growing and living space is maximised and the extraordinary shape can add a striking focal point to any garden or section of it.

The Vitavia Sirius is a spacious ‘Orangery style’ greenhouse, beautifully designed with lots of space for growing plants or just relaxing (or both!) It offers an impressive eaves’ height of 1.56m and sleek single panes of 3mm toughened glass as standard held securely in place with a new black rubber capping system. A matching steel base and three downpipes are included as well as double doors and 4 vents. Available powder coated in green or black.