Poolbank Lane

Compact 4' long in Plain Aluminium and Horticultural Glass. Fitted with 2 slat and 3 slat staging and a standard rainwater kit.

Easy Grow 10' long in Stone with Toughened glass. Fitted onto a modified timber base to account for plinth below the container it is fitted against.

Juliana Premium 10' long fitted with a Side Louvre, Side Staging, Crestings & Finials.

Window Garden in Berry and fitted with toughened glass.

Delta 4' Long in Graphite finish with Toughened Glass, Bar Cappings, Crestings & Finials and a Rainwater Kit to one gutter.

Craftsman 6' long in green and with Horticultural Glass.

Titan 600 in plain aluminium and with Graphite Bar Cappings. All the usual Titan features are on show and in addition we have our Ellowire System fitted and Eden Roller Blinds.

This Belmont was built in the 1970s! It has an interesting history and shows how well Elite Greenhouses last. I have put a brief description on the model itself.

This was our first ever display model, an 8' long High Eave in plain aluminium and toughened glass. It's still probably our best selling greenhouse.

This is without a doubt one of the most stunning greenhouses you can buy, it is quite simply enormous. You will struggle to find another dealer with one of these on show.

This is a white 10' long K800 lean to with bar capping fitted. This is an extremely versatile building that we have known to be used for many other purposes than growing plants!

Elite's Supreme is an excellent large greenhouse. Ours is in plain aluminium finish with 7 slat staging fitted and toughened glass.

Eden's smallest zero threshold model, we've fitted ours with shelving and staging, roof crestings and a rainwater kit to one gutter flowing into a 100l water butt. Toughened Glass and a green finish complete the look.

A Black Eden Buford with Toughened Glass, Staging, Shelving and Rainwater Downpipes. Eden's 6' zero threshold model.

A 6' long Windsor in Terracotta with Toughened Glass and fitted to a separate base plinth. The low ridge means this lean to can be fitted to large sheds or garages.

Elite's tall version of the 4' wide greenhouse. Finished in Graphite with Bar Cappings and Toughened Glass. We've also fitted 2 Slat Staging to this greenhouse.

Elite Streamline 5' Wide finished in White with Bar Cappings, Toughened Glass and 3 Slat Staging.

Elite Craftsman 6' x 6' in Black. Fitted with Horticultural Glass and a Thermofor Heavy Duty Roof Vent Opener.

Eden's 8' wide Blockley x 10' long plain aluminium and toughened glass. Double Doors and 4 Roof Vents as standard. Fitted with full length Staging and Shelving and 2 Bayliss XL auto vents.

Elite Strata Package 6' wide x 8' Long. Olive Green, Toughened Glass, 5 and 2 Slat Staging, Automatic Side Louvre & Roof Vent, Rainwater Kit. Also Fitted with Bar Cappings.

Elite's popular Vantage, bridging the gap between the 6' and 8' wide models. Finished in Green with Bar Cappings, Toughened Glass and a 2 Slat Shelf.

The Elite Belmont is without a doubt the best selling 8' wide greenhouse we sell. Ours is in plain aluminium with toughened glass, 8' long and we've fitted the double door option.

Elite Titan 1000, 12' long in plain aluminium with black bar cappings and the optional built in base to allow for a soil installation. An Ellovent Special Autovent and 6' of 7 slat staging are also fitted.

Our fantastic Swallow Kingfisher has the optional combi shed and is finished in the beautiful Vert de Terre paintwork

Available in three sizes this stylish greenhouse features a sleek yet strong build to make this greenhouse an elegant addition in your garden With black powder coating, low threshold door track, bar capping and long pane toughened safety glass as standard

Our Raven is 8'9 x 12'7 and is shown in the beautiful oiled red wood pine finish. These Yorkshire Made greenhouses are a fabulous asset to any garden

This is the smaller of the Oasis models in the Juliana range, but is still a large greenhouse, almost 10' x 10' square it provides a huge growing and living space in your garden