Greenhouse Delivery Information

We offer genuine free shipping of all Elite greenhouse and accessory orders over £500 to the UK although certain Highland and Island areas are not covered. (Please contact us for details if you live in a remote area.) Once your order reaches £500 your shipping total will be £0 for most of mainland UK. Our free delivery lead time is usually within 10 weeks of your order being placed, powder coated models will increase the lead time by another 4 weeks, no-one stocks greenhouses and we process orders immediately so you will not find a faster service anywhere else.

In our local area we will deliver ourselves, (where the £500 limit does not apply) and nationwide we arrange shipping directly from the Elite factory on their own fleet of vehicles. If your order is below £500 the shipping cost is exactly what Elite charge us. Lead times for deliveries from Elite will vary depending on the time of the year, you can expect extended delivery lead times in this extraordinary period of around 14 - 16 weeks for plain aluminium models, 16 - 20 weeks for specials (any dwarf wall or modified greenhouse) 16 - 20 weeks for standard or modified powder coated models.

Elite's delivery information can be found here:  Elite direct delivery information, (opens new window).

Swallow Greenhouses ordered are now being installed with a lead time of up to March 2021 however this is subject to change

Vitavia Greenhouses have limited stocks of certain greenhouses and stock models are being shipped in around 8 weeks of receipt of order. Please contact us to discuss which models are available as the list changes daily at the moment.

Halls and Eden and Juliana greenhouse prices all include free UK shipping within 160 working days (over 30 weeks) currently. There are however certain Highland areas and islands that will incur extra charges, please contact us for a quote for your address if you live off the UK mainland or in remote Scottish areas.


UK Postage Rates

We charge our postage to reflect Royal Mail's rate for the weight of your total order. As you select your products you can see your actual postage cost in the shopping bag. We ship our UK orders by Royal Mail Business Post and for larger orders we use a variety of UK couriers.

We believe by charging postage this way it is by far the fairest way for you. If we were to offer "Free Shipping" we would have to build the postage cost into every item, therefore if you were to buy several items you would pay for the postage several times over. This way we recover our costs and you do not pay more than is necessary for your order to be delivered to you.

International Shipping

Our default shipping internationally is by Royal Mail Airmail for all orders up to 2kg. The price you will pay will be shown in the shopping bag as you select products.

Orders over 2kg will be shipped by FedEx and the price will be shown instantly as we are now fully integrated with FedEx international online services.

As FedEx is incredibly good value for larger orders why not take advantage of putting a bigger order together and take advantage of paying very little extra for your shipping.

Please note that the website will show a hugely inflated FedEx price for international shipping of greenhouses. If you wish to purchase a greenhouse for international shipping please email your address and details and we will be able to give you an accurate quote and timescale. Please email