Greenhouses and other Garden Structures

We sell the entire ranges of  Elite, Swallow, Vitavia, Janssens and Halls Greenhouses, with all kinds of greenhouses from 4' wide x 4' long right up to 13' wide models with unlimited lengths available and T shaped Greenhouses with porch entrances.  If we don't have a quality greenhouse to suit your needs it probably does not exist!  All are available at factory direct prices with service and aftersales service second to none, You can watch a short video flying through some of the buildings we sell at our fantastic showsite in Welton here.

We use a professional greenhouse erection company who can build your greenhouse right first time, we have found very few handymen that are able to do this anywhere near as well or efficiently as our team. If you would rather build your greenhouse yourself then talk to us, we will give you all the help and advice you will need, you will not be left alone. Building a greenhouse is well within the reach of competent D.I.Y.ers but the work involved and time needed should not be underestimated especially if you have never built before.

Ideal for the modern styled garden where space is at a premium, we offer several choices of 4' and 5' wide models

6' wide models are a great choice for most gardens and allotments and are the most popular choice, with enough space to grow heavy fruiting plants on one side, for staging on the other and for free movement down the centre path we have a huge variety of choices.

7' and 8' wide greenhouses have more available floorspace which simply gives you the opportunity to grow more.

The choice of the professional, larger greenhouses geared towards the more spacious garden setting.

Our current used Greenhouses, all are offered complete, i.e. all glass, clips, seal and bolts will be supplied. They will all need a clean though! We also occasionally have New Greenhouses on stock due to cancelled orders, these are available immediately and delivered free locally.

We have a wide range of lean tos available from two feet to 8 feet deep and in unlimited lengths, If space is more limited then a Wall Garden is the answer.

Available in a large range of sizes and options these elegant feature buildings enhance even the most beautiful garden with a stunning growing and living space

Hexagonal greenhouses provide an outstanding garden feature, with high eaves and tall roof space the growing possibilities are massive as are the options to use the building as a living space

Amongst the largest domestic greenhouses on offer these voluminous buildings provide a venue for all kinds of cultivation, socialising and relaxing

These extraordinary garden buildings can combine some of the features of greenhouses and summerhouses into one marvellous living and growing space

Janssens Custom Models are a range of garden buildings with a great deal of options which can be viewed and selected via the Configurator tool, your specification can then be sent to us to have a quote put together

Showsite Models

Poolbank Lane showsite