Rescue Chickens

Rescue Chickens

Our flock of feathered friends are thoroughly enjoying their freedom, basking in the sun by the stream, enjoying dustbaths, eating all Carolines plants out of the greenhouses and exploring our neighbours garden and beyond

We have a flock of wonderful rescue hens living with us now, having spent the first 18 months of their lives in cages in the egg industry they now have free roam of our entire site (and beyond, they love to visit our next door neighbour!)

A huge thank you to for helping us in every step of the journey, you are amazing. 

We would also like to thank for your careful attention to Nora who needed your assistance in passing a "mummified egg" which had us all very concerned having read on backyard hen forums about horrific prolapses and how they can be terminal, thankfully Nora was easily treatable and has recovered perfectly well and is out frolicking with the flock.

We welcome everyone to visit us and the hens who are still laying eggs almost every day, it's lovely to see them free, happy and healthy, exhibiting their natural instincts in their home