How to Pick an Autovent

How to Pick an Autovent

With so many options available to automate the ventillation of your greenhouse oer garden building, choosing "Which autovent is best for my greenhouse" can be a challenge, we've been working with the best manufacturers of autovents for over a decade so we're more than happy to advise.


How to Choose an Automatic Opener for your Greenhouse Vents


Standard Roof Autovents

Most greenhouses are aluminium or timber and have 2 foot square glass panel windows in the roof with a simple hinge in the ridge bar, these vents are ordinarily opened and closed using a window stay kit which consists of a bar with holes in it and corresponding pegs to prop the window open, in most areas where wind doesn't get extreme; our Original Ellovent will be the best for use in these windows, offering excellent value for money and reliability this time tested vent is guaranteed for 2 years (although they tend to last many many more years) and spares are available, this design simply clamps onto the greenhouse frame or screws into the frame and vent if your glasshouse is of timber construction.

Also available from our shop, at a similar price point offering similar performance is the Thermofor Roof Vent Opener

and the Bayliss XL


Heavier Duty Autovents

When a greenhouse is glazed with Polycarbonate, acrylic, polypropylene or other plastics the vents are very lightweight and more prone to wind damage, to help protect these windows at least a double spring autovent is advisable, the extra spring tension or damping helps keep the vent stable in high winds and also provides closing force where gravity plays less of a role when the vent is mounted on a wall rather than on the roof, extra spring tension is required for side vents regardless of the glazing material being plastic or glass.

Heavy duty vent openers start with our Ellovent Special which offers a great deal of extra protection and closing force with the extra spring amongst all the excellent features of The Original Ellovent

When a greater degree of closing force or wind protection is required for a standard 2x2 vent, the Bayliss Triple Spring is a great option, this heavier duty autovent is bolted onto the the frame rather than clamped on and offers very strong closing forces and stabilising protection, it is also available in Green, White and Brown options

In extremely windy areas then a hydraulically damped unit is advisable, for example a Bayliss Mk7 Hydraulicheck, this offers all the pros of a Triple Spring Mk7 while having a hydraulic damping unit which makes the vent opener suitable for use in exposed areas, the damper slows the opening of the vent to ensure smooth and safe operation

The Orbesen Megavent Storm is also an excellent option for exposed areas with its hydraulic damping, it is also rated for heavier windows and opens even wider


Extreme Heavy Duty Autovent

When opening large or heavy windows The Gigavent is exceptional, opening windows weighing up to 60kg with hydraulic damping to protect the construction in strong winds, it is also available in Green, White or Anthracite finishes


Louvre Vent Openers

Slatted Side Louvres are popular additions to greenhouses to encourage air circulation, they allow plenty of fresh air to enter the greenhouse and are usually operated as standard with a manual lever, these vents can be automated usually as simply as drilling out a rivet or unbolting the lever to then attach an automatic louvre opener,


Specialist Autovents for Hotter Greenhouses

Bayliss Precision Components offer an "Orchid Wax" cylinder option for their XL and Mk7, Mk7 Triple Spring and Mk7 Hydraulicheck vent openers, this increases the temperature required to open the vent by about 10 degrees meaning your vent can start to open at around 30 degrees C.  This is a popular option for gardeners growing cacti and other succulents, tropical fruits and flowers and are particularly useful in greenhouses with heated, insulated partitions.  The Orchid Wax Bayliss Autovents look identical to the standard units, only the contents of the cylinder is different so all the attractive colour coded options are available in the Mk7 range.