Greenhouse Storm Damage and Insurance Claims

Greenhouse Storm Damage and Insurance Claims

We have over 30 greenhouses on show here in Yorkshire thankfully we only work with reputable greenhouse manufacturers and install our garden buildings to the highest standards and we haven't suffered any damages, unfortunately across the nation this hasn't been the case for everyone.


Thanks to our careful selection of manufacturers we work with paired with the skills of our professional installation team, all of our show buildings and all of the buildings we have built over the years are still standing strong, however;

Storm Ciara has wreaked havoc across the nation with Storm Dennis following and turbulent weather continuing, many greenhouses and other structures have been destroyed so many people are asking "Can I claim for my greenhouse on my insurance?" and "Does home insurance cover a greenhouses?" we have undertaken several insurance jobs over the years including one on a cliff top in Skipsea, the greenhouse had been installed well but it wasn't up to the weather and suffered total destruction in a storm, we replaced it with an Elite Belmont which will stand up to the gusts of wind up there perfectly well.  We have also taken on work for insurance claims for neighbours trees and trampolines falling or flying into greenhouses, if you contact your insurance company they will be able to advise you on wether or not you can claim on your policy and we will be able to provide a quote for the work.

Hopefully you haven't had any damage in our extreme weather but if you have there is always a solution, we have over 30 greenhouses on our Welton Garden Building Centre in East Yorkshire which is a very exposed site with strong winds blowing across the site from the South but all of our greenhouses are still standing proudly, high quality greenhouses professionally installed will stand up to the Great British weather (just beware of flying trampolines from your neighbours!)


This Chinese made greenhouse below just wasn't up to the task


Our professionally installed, British made Elite Belmont certainly is