Free Autovent with Every Greenhouse sold

Free Autovent with Every Greenhouse sold

We are so committed to ensuring your greenhouse is well ventilated that we are offering a FREE Ellovent with every greenhouse not specified with an Autovent as standard.

During the hot weather it is absolutely essential that your greenhouse is well ventilated. It's common sense that roof vents and doors need to be kept open as a very hot greenhouse can actually kill all your plants as a couple of customers in previous years have found to their cost. 

We sell almost every quality auto vent on the market including our own range that we have manufactured by one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry in Denmark. 

We are so committed to ensuring that these are fitted to every greenhouse we sell we are actually offering a free Ellovent with every greenhouse that is not specified with an auto vent as standard. This will save you up to £45 against the list price of a Halls standard auto vent and we believe ours are more reliable!

You don't have to add anything to the basket when you buy, the auto vent will be added to your order automatically.