Greenhouse Repairs and Refurbishment

We offer a repairs service, we replace glass for example, odd sheets supplied, cut to size if required and fitted are charged at £10.00 for the first sheet, (to help cover the travelling cost) and at £5.00 for every subsequent sheet. Please contact us if you would like further information.

Refurbished greenhouse sales

We are currently having to concentrate 100% on new build greenhouses due to increased demand from our new showsite. We are not taking on any greenhouse removals at the moment and therefore will not have any second hand models on offer.

Any used greenhouses we have for sale will be listed in Current Used Greenhouses. Prices are generally dependant on the condition of the greenhouse and also the amount of parts we have had to replace. We can usually sell you a complete used greenhouse for around half the price of an equivalent new greenhouse.

What can be achieved

This 12' x 8' pictured below was installed onto a base prepared by the customer. He set a block base onto a concrete foundation and laid a paver path down the middle. Gravel was laid under the staging side and soil was left to the border and rear.The greenhouse was supplied with 4 side louvres and 4 opening roof vents, 2 of which we fitted with Bayliss XL autovents.By performing the groundworks himself and having a quality refurbished greenhouse installed by us this customer saved around £1,000 on the price of a large new greenhouse and base installation. There is no reason that you cannot achieve similar results with a little time and effort.