Free Greenhouse removal

Please note that we can only offer this service at quieter times of the year, usually autumn and winter.

We offer a free disposal and recycling service for unwanted aluminium greenhouses in the East Yorkshire area. This service is available to private homeowners, property developers and council tenants.

Many people have greenhouses in their gardens they do not want and do not know what to do with. Generally it is too much hassle to move a greenhouse when moving house, therefore there are a lot of house buyers who move into a house with one that is surplus to their requirements.

Removal is not always straightforward and anyone not used to handling glass regularly is at risk of serious cuts taking the glass out. Advertising and stating "Buyer to remove" is never a good idea as any injuries sustained by the buyer on your property is your liability and could leave you exposed to legal action. We hold full public liability insurance and are responsible for our own safety.

Most companies would charge you to remove a greenhouse from your garden, we do not. Providing you have a standard unwanted aluminium greenhouse, we will dismantle and remove it entirely free of charge. The condition or age is totally unimportant.

Helping the environment!

We can afford to offer this service simply because we sell the greenhouses once we have replaced any broken glass and fittings etc. Aluminium greenhouses are very rarely beyond saving, your unwanted greenhouse will not end up in landfill!