Greenhouse Building

Our professional greenhouse assembly service starts from just £280.80 including VAT for a completely installed greenhouse, this compares very favourably against large DIY chains who charge much much more and will also not be as flexible as a smaller company. 

Most of our greenhouses are designed to be buit directly onto soil or grass, we do not require you to provide a paver base before we will assemble your greenhouse. This can save you a fortune over the cost of having pavers laid properly or the correct depth and foundations of concrete being poured. We charge just 20% more for the soil building option which is a fraction of the cost of a paver base.

We now even offer a part built service where we do the hard bits for you and deliver your greenhouse wth the ends constructed and many other parts pre-assembled and with the glazing bars threaded with the glazing seal, this is available for standard greenhouses up to 6' wide and gives you a flying start to your project. This can cost as little as £100 including VAT.

PLEASE NOTE: We only build greenhouses we sell, we do not offer our services to customers who buy from internet only sites. If you go down this route and buy from a company that offers no assistance or expertise I'm sorry but we won't pick up the pieces.