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If we have second hand greenhouses available are normally supplied pressure washed although the glass will be supplied dirty, (if we cleaned the glass we would have to almost charge a new price for the greenhouse)  you are supplied with everything you need though. If you compare our price for a 100% complete greenhouse against an eBay offering, remembering to add in the new nuts & bolts you will need, new glazing clips, seal,  probably door wheels and almost certainly glass you will be surprised how cheap we are. Factor in the day it will take you to dismantle and collect, assuming you have access to a van, and we will be far in front. We deliver your greenhouse in 4 built sections which makes reassembly very straightforward.

It is not really cost effective for us to offer to build second hand greenhouses as it takes quite a while to clean the glass before they can be reassembled. These are ideal though for practical types who want a solid greenhouse at a low price, we try and sell these for around half the price of an equivalent new model.


-SOLD- Second Hand 6x6' Greenhouse Free Local Delivery -SOLD-

Good quality 2nd Hand Halls Greenhouse with Horticultural Glass for £250

Supplied with all the glass, clips, seal, nuts and bolts required.

Glass will need cleaning

Local Delivery is Free

Base is available for £90 (base is in Green)